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iCorrect® EditLab Pro 6.0 Ps                                      
Photoshop Plug-in


Precise, selective color correction and image enhancement featuring SmartColorTM Technology and HueSelectTM Control Point Technology for frustration-free, professional results
The essential plug-in for precise color editing
Powered by PictoColor Software's unique SmartColor Technology, iCorrect EditLab Pro enables all types of digital photographers to quickly enhance their photos using innovative tools designed for speed, efficiency and accuracy. From precise selective enhancements using HueSelect Control Points to global SmartColor adjustments that improve the entire image, iCorrect EditLab Pro lets you spend more time behind your camera and less time in front of your computer.


Frustration-Free Color Correction with Professional Results

The hallmark of iCorrect EditLab Pro is its SmartColor Technology. The term SmartColor actually encompasses two distinct, yet related features. First, the SmartColor button provides an auto-correction function by analyzing the photo and making initial adjustments to color balance, tonal range, exposure, and saturation. Second, it refers to the way the underlying technology handles color and light in such a way that preserves and protects any adjustments you make as you progress through the the four tool sets.. iCorrect EditLab Pro has four color editing tools arranged in a particular sequence. The tool sets are designed in such a way that as you progress from left to right, any changes you make with one tool will not, and in fact cannot, affect any of the changes made with any of the tools to its left. This alleviates the common frustration of correcting for one thing while throwing off another - aka "chasing your tail" syndrome.



Color Balance: Quickly perfect the color balance of your images by setting the white balance and removing color casts by simply clicking on any neutral (black, white or gray) colors in your image.  Or you can adjust with sliders for CMY or Color Temperature  - NEW


Tonal Range: Precisely control the tonal range of your images by individually setting the white point, black point and midpoint of your images using familiar eye dropper, sliders, and automatic SmartColor technology.


Brightness/Contrast/Saturation: Precisely control the brightness ,contrast and saturation of your images by individually targeting highlights and shadows using sliders and automatic SmartColor technology.


HueSelectTM Control Point Technology: Perform precise hue-selective edits on your images and automatically correct familiar memory colors like Sky Blue, Foliage Green, and Skin Tones, plus convert to black and white or sepia tone while controlling the contrast and detail based on the colors in the original image.

Tool Tab 1: Color Balance


  With the first tool, you begin by correcting the color balance by simply clicking on any neutral (black, white, or gray) colors within the image.  In this case the display shows that the original image had a predominantly cyan color cast.

Move your mouse over the image
to see iCorrect EditLab Pro in action


Tool Tab 2: Tonal Range


   The second tool tab establishes the tonal range by automatically setting a new black point and new white point.  You can also adjust the mid tones in the center of histogram display.

Move your mouse over the image
to see iCorrect EditLab Pro in action


Tool Tab 3: Brightness/Contrast/Saturation


  The third tool addresses brightness, contrast, and saturation.  You can even adjust the highlights and shadows independently.

Move your mouse over the image
to see iCorrect EditLab Pro in action


Tool Tab 4: HueSelectTM Control Point Technology


  The final tool tab features our unique HueSelectTM Control Point Technology which offers an unparalleled way to fine tune specific colors on a hue-selective basis.  Simply set the control points and activate a color on the hue-wheel by clicking on a color in your image.  You can then adjust its hue along the color wheel as well as independently adjust its brightness and saturation.  We have also pre-programmed several commonly used "Memory Colors" like Sky Blue, Foliage Green, and Skin Tones for your convenience.

Move your mouse over the image
to see iCorrect EditLab Pro in action



Perfect Companion Program for RAW Workflows

iCorrect EditLab Pro is a perfect companion plug-in to your RAW workflow software.  Simplify enhanced color adjustments with intuitive, easy-to-use tools that eliminate the frustration of fine tuning your images.  After converting your RAW files with your favorite converter, bring out that extra snap in your images more easily with iCorrect EditLab Pro's wizard-like approach while taking full advantage of all the benefits of RAW capture.
Streamline your RAW workflow with iCorrect EditLab Pro - Part I


Multiple Start With Options
iCorrect EditLab Pro's tools can be set to Start With one of four unique modes as it opens images.  This can offer tremendous time savings when correcting large groups of images.  Plus, each tools can be set to start in a different mode.


Start With:


SmartColor SmartColor will be used to determine unique initial color correction settings based on an analysis of each image.
Previous Settings The settings for the color correction tools are recalled from the previous image that was corrected.
Custom Settings The custom settings that have been loaded with Load Custom Settings function are used.
Reset All color correction tool controls will be set to values that do not change the image.

 iCorrect EditLab Pro Preferences


Flexible SmartColor Settings
In order to give you the benefit of the editing power without the tedium of manually setting all of the controls in each tool, we have implemented an "SmartColor" mode which does much of the work for you.   When SmartColor Mode is enabled, the image is analyzed and most of the controls for all tools are intelligently set to values that will be good for that particular image. This leaves you with the much smaller job of making minor adjustments to any of the controls as you see fit.  You will find this feature to be very helpful in getting the best color correction in the shortest amount of time.

Plus, you can customize SmartColor's behavior by defining which controls it sets.  There may be times that you want to selectively turn off parts of SmartColor.


Advanced Black-and-White Conversions and Sepia Tones
Convert color images to black-and-white with precision. iCorrect EditLab Pro's sophisticated hue-selective editing tool allows you to control how the colors map onto a gray shade so you can maintain the appearance of the original image.  More

Create sophisticated sepia tones with iCorrect EditLab Pro's Toning tool by performing hue-selective edits based on the original hues even though original color has been removed from the image.  More

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Integrated Sharpening and Noise Removal
Noise is commonly introduced into images by digital cameras and scanners during the digitization process. Applying a color correction to remove color distortions typically "stretches" the color space, which tends to make any noise even more noticeable.  To avoid this, iCorrect EditLab Pro applies sharpening and noise removal in combination with color correction.  More

System Requirements


· Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit compatible)
·  Adobe Photoshop® CS3 through CS6 and Ps CC & CC2015,
·  Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 through 13
·  Corel Paint Shop Pro X2--X5, X6/7


·  Mac OS 10.5  - 10.x * Not Compatible with Retina Displays
  Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 through CS5 in 32 and 64-bit, CS6 and  Photoshop CC & CC 2015, 64 bit;
·  Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 through 11- 13



Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud

32 bit icon    64 bit compatible

iCorrect EditLab Pro logo
iCorrect® EditLab Pro 6.0
Photoshop Plug-in


Windows logo *

* Note: Not compatible with Retina Displays

Software Upgrades

iCorrect EditLab Pro is also available as a stand alone application for JPEG & TIFF batch processing and Lightroom RAW workflow.  -More-


iCorrect EditLab ProApp

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