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iCorrect Elements and PaintShop Pro Plug-in Product Feature Comparison


 Feature iCorrect EditLab
Pse & PSP
iCorrect OneClick
Pse & PSP
iCorrect Portrait
Pse & PSP
 Current Version 5.5/6.0
 Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 (32),
 Photoshop Elements 6
-12, PaintShop Pro X2-X5 (32 bit), X6(32/64)
Yes Yes Yes
 Apple Macintosh Mac OS X, v 10.x,
 Photoshop Elements 6-12 (32 Bit)
Yes Yes Yes
 Built in Help Yes Yes Yes
 Zooming and Scrolling Yes Yes Yes
 Color Depth 24-bit (8-bits per channel) Yes Yes Yes
 Color Depth 48-bit (16-bits per channel) Yes Yes Yes
 Color Cast Removal (neutral balance) Yes Yes Yes
 Auto Black/White Point Yes Yes Yes
 Brightness and Contrast Controls Yes Yes Yes
 Shadow and Highlight Exposure Controls Yes Yes  
 Saturation Control Yes Yes  
 Black and White Conversion Yes Yes  
 Sepia Tone Conversion Yes Yes  
  Sepia and Black and White Custom Tone Definitions Yes    
 Skin Tone Correction Yes   Yes
 Custom Memory Color Definitions Yes   Yes
 Custom Neutral Definition Yes   Yes
 Save/Load Custom Settings Yes   Yes
 Hue Selective Color Editing Yes    
 Customizable SmartColor Yes    
 Custom Toning Color Yes    
 Linear Mode Correction Yes    
 RGB, HSB and CMYK Pixel Info Yes    
 Remove Noise / Sharpen Yes Yes(PSP-sharpen) Yes(PSP)

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